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Residential Roofing

A home is one of the biggest investment people make. It is also where you spend most of your time, making it a focal point for the entire family. Ensuring this investment is protected with a high-quality and maintained roof is, therefore, integral.
Residential roofs are the first line of protection against outside elements. Therefore, relying on the best roofing professionals for all your roof needs is an important decision.[.......]
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Residential Emergency Roofing

Roof emergencies can cause major damage to the house when not addressed immediately. It could result in water damage or flooding that could spread to different areas of a residential building. Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers emergency roof repair services for any type of roof damage.
Our emergency roofing experts in Houston have extensive knowledge and experience. Our team understands how significant it is to immediately repair any roof damage to avoid expensive repairs. We can identify the problem quickly and get it fixed efficiently and quickly.[.......]
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Commercial Emergency Roofing

Roofing emergencies, like a leaky roof or roof penetration, should be immediately fixed to prevent further damage. Neglecting the roof problems in a commercial building and leaving it for too long can compromise the condition and integrity of your business. It can end up causing interruptions and delays in your business, resulting in financial losses.
Consulting professional roofing contractors in Houston can ensure your roof issues are quickly and efficiently resolved without creating any delays in your business. Lavalion Roofing offers emergency roof repair services in all types of commercial buildings.[.......]
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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing systems offer similar functions to residential roofing systems – they protect commercial property and buildings. However, there are a few different roofing systems to consider when it comes to commercial roofing. Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers multiple options for commercial roofing systems in Sugar Land, Texas. We also offer any and all roofing services you might need.[.......]
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Multi-family Roofing

Multi-family roofing includes roofing services aimed specifically at properties homing multiple families or tenants. Some of the multi-roofing properties that we work with at Lavalion Roofing & Home Services include apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, multi-unit homes, and so on! If you’re looking for multi-family roofing services in Sugar Land, Texas, then we’ve got you covered!

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Multi-Family Emergency Roofing

Multi-family emergency roofing can be a bit more tricky than regular residential emergency roofing. This is because multi-family properties pose a few challenges regarding emergency roof repair services.[.......]
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Home Improvement

(Gutters / downspouts, ventilation, fencing, siding)

Are you a proud homeowner looking to employ a company for different home improvement services? Well, look no further because Lavalion Roofing & Home Services can offer you a variety of home improvement services at affordable rates. We also have a highly experienced and qualified team that has worked in Sugar Land, Texas, for over a decade! This means that we know exactly what homeowners in the Texas area are looking for and are prepared to offer those services.

Learn More about the Lavalion Roofing & Home Services Team[.......]
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Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy has been transforming the game for residential and commercial buildings. More and more homeowners and businesses are getting solar panels installed to decrease their electricity bills and lead a more sustainable life.
Solar panels are a clean, affordable, and green energy source for small and large homes and businesses. Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers solar panel installation services to residential and commercial buildings in Houston Metro areas. Our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable staff can work on any type of roof and install solar panels with quality and reliable service.[.......]
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Storm Damage Wind

Damage from harsh winds can expose your roof to outside elements, resulting in an increased risk of more destruction to your home. If the damage is not repaired quickly, it means higher repair costs. While commercial and residential roofs are built to withstand extreme weather, high winds are strong enough to cause severe damage to your roof and even lift the entire roof from the decking.
Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers residential and commercial roofing repair services for all types of wind damage. Our team has extensive experience in repairing severe damages and enhancing the protection of your roof.[.......]
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Storm Damage Hail

Hail storms can significantly harm your roof and damage the shingles. This can expose your roof and your house to outside elements that could worsen the damage. While hail storm damage can be easy to spot in some cases, the damage could also be unnoticeable in other cases.
Getting your roof inspected properly by residential and commercial roofing professionals is integral after a hail storm. The experienced team at Lavalion Roofing & Home Services can conduct a thorough inspection and find even the hard-to-spot damages after a hail storm.[.......]
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Storm Damage Rain

After a big rain storm, checking your roof for damages is integral. Heavy rain can result in missing or damaged shingles and also increase the risk of leaks. Often roof leaks are hard to detect and only noticeable when the damage worsens.
Getting your roof inspected by residential and commercial roofing experts is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your roof. The roofing professionals can thoroughly inspect your roof and spot damages that you might not be able to spot.[.......]
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Customized Roofing Systems

We provide turnkey, customized roofing solutions for all types of projects. Our team approaches each project as a chance to showcase our dedication and innovation. We understand every roofing project is unique, and we offer customized roofing systems based on your requirements.
Our experienced roofing experts utilize only the highest quality products and materials available in Houston. Our team has a combined experience of ten years in the construction and roofing industry. We understand the significance of ensuring reliable and safe roofing solutions.[.......]
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