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Solar Panel Installation

Want to Reduce your Monthly Electric Bills and Increase your Energy Efficiency? Solar Panel Installation is the Best Solution

Solar energy has been transforming the game for residential and commercial buildings. More and more homeowners and businesses are getting solar panels installed to decrease their electricity bills and lead a more sustainable life.

Solar panels are a clean, affordable, and green energy source for small and large homes and businesses. Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers solar panel installation services to residential and commercial buildings in Houston Metro areas. Our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable staff can work on any type of roof and install solar panels with quality and reliable service.   

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panel installation offers a range of benefits for both commercial and residential buildings, including:

Reduced Electricity Bills

Solar panels give you more control over your energy needs, allowing you to manage your electricity bill more efficiently.

Higher Return on Investment

You are bound to start seeing a higher return on investment a few years after the solar panel installation. After the initial investment, you will save more money on electricity every month.

Better for Environment

Solar power has been proven to decrease temperatures and smog in the area over time. Your investment will help improve the environment in Houston.

Clean Energy

Solar energy is among the cleanest sources of energy available to us naturally. With solar panel installation, this natural resource can be leveraged to your advantage.  

Increase in Property Value

With solar panel installation, the value of both residential and commercial property increases drastically. It can help you sell your property at a better price faster whenever you want.

Process of Solar Panel Installation

We offer solar panel installation services in Houston Metro and surrounding areas. Our team of solar panel experts has experience in installing solar panels on different types of roofs, including flat, tile, metal, and shingle roofs.

Our team provides pre-installation consultation by discussing your goals and coordinating with the builders. After a thorough inspection, our team will install the highest quality solar panels that come with a warranty. Our solar panel installation process includes:

  • The process starts with an initial consultation once you book an appointment. Our team will discuss your goals and requirements to get a better understanding of what you want to achieve with solar panels.  
  • After the consultation, our team will conduct an inspection of your roof and provide you with a quote.
  • Once you agree with the quote, our team will start the solar panel installation.

How does Solar Installation Work?

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to provide renewable, clean energy to your building. However, the process is a bit more complex.

  • Solar systems soak the sun’s energy in the form of direct current
  • The direct current is transmitted to an inverter
  • The inverter absorbs the current and then converts it into AC current or electricity

The solar panels are connected to a grid, and the net energy meter monitors the amount of electricity being generated by the system and the amount of electricity being used from the grid.

Get Solar Panel Installation by Experienced Professionals in Houston Metro, Texas

Whether you are interested in solar panel installation in a residential or commercial building, our experienced team will deliver the best solar panel installation with the highest quality equipment and services. We offer our solar panel installation services in all of Houston Metro and surrounding areas. Get the solar panel installed and see the difference.

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